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Terrapin Crossroads is a restaurant and music venue, but above all it is a community- and in our digital age, that community is not bound to any location. Starting now, in support of our remarkable employees, Terrapin is bringing you tunes from Phil, Grahame, and many of the remarkable musical members of our community; from our living rooms to yours.


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We hope that while you enjoy the music, you'll express your appreciation for our wonderful staff. There are over 100 staff members, the people who make Terrapin so special, who are out of work while our clubhouse is closed. We're launching this fund to support them directly, and 100% of proceeds will go towards staff bonuses. If you can spare it, please consider supporting them - any amount helps.


In support of these efforts, please check back periodically for episodes of Terrapin TV. We’ll be hosting special Terrapin TV episodes featuring “virtual concerts” to support the staff.



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