Giving Back

2015 marks the 50 year anniversary of Phil Lesh’s musical journey. From the beginning, the Grateful Dead’s strong bond within the community and their desire to bring people together to work for the common good has been as important as the music they’ve made.  Terrapin Crossroads hopes to continue this mission, partnering with the Unbroken Chain Foundation for many events, including annual blood drives, youth school fundraisers and  performances with proceeds donated to local charities.  Terrapin Crossroads looks forward to continuing working with like minded companies and assisting charities for the years to come.

Unbroken Chain

Unbroken Chain’s mission is to generate support for, and public awareness of, groups and individuals that bring hope and inspiration to communities where great need exists, and to create partnerships of people working together for a common good, especially in such areas as the arts, education and the environment. 

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