1. Are reservations required?

We strongly recommend you make a reservation ahead of time on days or nights when there is also a show going on at the venue.  However, walk-ins are welcome, and we can do everything to accommodate you.

2. Can I tie up my boat to the dock and come in for food & drinks?

Yes, you’re always welcome to sail up to the restaurant. Please give us a call, though, ahead of time, so that we can be sure there is room enough for your boat.

3. What is the best way to stay up-to-date on the news about Terrapin Crossroads?

Join our mailing list and you will be the first to be notified of upcoming shows and events at the venue and restaurant.

4. Who should I contact if I’m interested in renting out Terrapin Crossroads for a private party?

Please fill out the contact form to inquire about private parties.

5. Are backpacks allowed in the venue on show nights?

No. We do not have a coat check, and the venue is very intimate and typically full.  So we try to keep the grounds clear of all personal belongings.

6. Are cameras allowed in the venue?

We realize that most people these days have a camera on their phone.  We cannot prohibit you from carrying your phones; however, we do hope that you respect the integrity of the music and keep the flashes and recording devices out of sight.  And if you do need to use your cell phone, step outside.

7. Are dogs allowed on the premises, and/or can I bring my dog to the restaurant or music venue?

Dogs are allowed (must be on a leash) in our Backyard park.  Please make sure to clean up after your pet, waste bags are available.  Dogs are not allowed inside or outside the music venue (Grate Room/Bar Stage) or restaurant.  Please do not leave your dogs inside your car either.

8. If I’m at the bar in the restaurant and order a drink, can I bring it with me to the music venue if I’m attending a show?

We prohibit all glass and/or liquid transfers from the restaurant to/from the venue.  There is a bar inside the music venue, so you may order a new drink there.  However, you are permitted to walk back and forth between the restaurant and the music venue during shows.

9. If I buy merchandise, can you hold it for me until the end of the night?

Unfortunately, no. We are not responsible for any merchandise that you have purchased throughout the night.  Our merch table is typically open until after every show.

10. What is the policy for people with babies wanting to bring them to shows?

Most shows are for people of all ages, but are not recommended for babes in arms. . Every person entering the music venue is required to have a ticket, regardless of age.  The restaurant, however, is of course always open to families with young (or old) children!