Kate Gaffney & Friends, ft. Chris Haugen, Dave Brogan, Phil Ferlino & David Russ

April 23, 2017,

Kate Gaffney returns to the Terrapin Crossroads bar and will be joined by her stellar backing band, ft. Chris Haugen, Dave Brogan, Phil Ferlino & David Russ.

“There’s something about Kate…something a little 80’s, a little 90’s, with a touch of the modern day, all steeped in the Summer of Love. You get a feeling, when you listen to Kate, that she understands the blues, but serves as a muse to keep the blues away. She’s a songwriter who songwriters write songs about. Watching her perform is somehow comforting and her honest vulnerablity lends a welcome tone to her concerts. She has found a nice rapport with her audience and is one of the few performers with whom I welcome the banter. Kate is both disarming and razor sharp at the same time. Kate has recently emerged with members of the band New Monsoon, who are a formidable rock band living in the Bay Area that consists of incredible musicians. They are helping take Kate’s songs to the next level and freeing her to sing from her multi-generational soul with abandon and charm.” -Aaron Redner, musician/writer

band website:http://www.kategaffney.com