CMac & The Casual Coalition: ft. CMac, Stu Allen, Ross James, Scott Guberman, Brian Rashap, and Danny Luehring

January 17, 2017,

Born on the stage of countless nights at Terrapin Crossroads, Cmac & The Casual Coalition are a branch from the “community music tree” that was planted at the Marin county venue, owned by Grateful Dead bassist, Phil Lesh. The Coalition, led by Craig MacArthur (Cmac), are a product of the intermingling of various musical collaborations that happen on a daily basis at Terrapin Crossroads. This unit, in particular, showcases some of the original songs put forth by singer/guitarist, CMac. The songs are then nurtured & grown by the band, adding their individual personalities to each. Categorized as improvisational indie-rock, the band has been known to really explore the songs in an exciting, different way each and every night.