Terrapin Crossroads: Lightning Strikes in San Rafael

Grateful Dead Bassist Phil Lesh & Friends Carry Local Vision Furthur
“Inspiration, move me brightly” —“Terrapin Station” by Robert Hunter / Common Ground Magazine

In 1976, Jerry Garcia, the iconic guitarist of the legendary Grateful Dead, was driving over the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge in the midst of a spectacular lightning storm when he was struck by a singular musical inspiration, causing him to turn around and return home to write down the music in his head. Unbe- knownst to Garcia, at the same time, his song- writing partner, lyricist Robert Hunter, was sit- ting in front of a picture window overlooking the San Francisco Bay watching the lightning. He typed the first words that came into his head: “terrapin station.” Not knowing what it would be about, he kept typing as the story unfolded. The next day they met, and when Hunter showed him the words, Garcia said, “I have the music!” They dovetailed perfectly, and the song “Terrapin Station,” which debuted in 1977, immediately became a beloved favorite of the band and its fans.

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